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Looking for some extra camp at the end of the summer? Our August Bonus Week is a great chance to have s’more fun with the summer staff and friends from summer sessions!

Bonus week is chock full of activities, fun and friends. We maintain our focus on using the Tools and Keys, and our staff-to-camper ratio remains 1:1, though our structure is slightly more relaxed compared with our typical summer camp day. Just like at camp, there are no electronics and the focus is on spending time with others, enjoying the opportunity to be outdoors and having fun at camp. During respite programs, we do not have formalized instruction (such as swim lessons or TagUp).

Campers choose activities in real time based on what they feel like trying next. Plenty of free swim and beach time is on the schedule, as is a trip to Canobie Lake Park for a day of rides and waterslides. Campers may choose to go off-camp on hikes, enjoy motor boat rides on the lake, kayak out to Blueberry Island, and even search for treasure in our full-camp Goldrush. Campers may also choose quieter pursuits like crafts, Book Nook time, or cards. During Bonus Week, we encourage campers to participate and enjoy themselves, and there are always plenty of alternative activity or low-key relaxation choices available.

This is a great way to end the summer! Discounts are available for campers who attend any summer session and Bonus Week.


Bonus Week Sample Schedule
(subject to change for weather, safety, etc.)

Day 1
We arrive at camp, get settled in, and enjoy some time at the waterfront or the field, followed by a yummy dinner, free play, and opening campfire.

Day 2
Spend the morning enjoying choice activities and swim time or choose to go off-camp to hike to the top of Mt. Watatic! Then its lunch, field time (GaGa anyone?), and bunk chill before Free Play followed by a cookout dinner and special game show evening activity.

Day 3
Our neighbors on the lake are giving rides in their speedboat to anyone who wants one! Or you can take a canoe trip to Blueberry Island or do an arts-n-crafts project...all before lunch! There's a Goldrush happening in the afternoon and after dinner we’re watching a movie under the stars. 

Day 4
We're packing up the bus and heading out to Canobie Lake Amusement Park! We're taking a picnic lunch on our day of fun which  includes their awesome waterpark! We’ll have rest hour on the bus ride home and be back at camp for a late dinner and a final campfire before settling into bed for the last night!

Day 5
Today is our last breakfast together, then packing up and heading to the field for some fun before pickup.



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