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Weekenders offers a chance for campers to reconnect with camp and change their scenery for a few days during the school year, and gives parents/guardians much needed respite. The trained Starfish staff and directors you and your camper know and love are on hand to supervise and engage participants. Our respite has a very Starfish flavor - though limited electronics use is allowed at specific times, participants spend the majority of their time engaging with others in camp activities, reconnecting with friends, and continuing to work on their Tools and Keys.

The ratio for Weekenders is 1:3, which is plenty of staff for engagement and supervision, though campers do also need to be able to participate without consistent hand-over-hand support. Additionally, it’s important to determine if Weekenders is the right kind of respite opportunity for your camper. While our summer camp programs are extremely highly structured and tightly scheduled, Weekenders is significantly more low-key.

At Weekenders, our day has a schedule that is forecasted and previewed for campers, but activity periods are more loosely organized. Transitions feel different because we come back together as a group after each activity to review options and determine where everyone is going next. Some activities differ from those at camp (like baking apple pies after returning from an apple picking field trip!) and others - like GaGa or Free Play - will feel very familiar.

Staff encourage active participation in planned activities, however campers may choose how to spend their time so long as they are able to remain safely with the group (for example, choosing to read or relax on the sidelines of the kickball game). Each Weekend also includes a Saturday field trip which include a picnic lunch, time at a park or playground, and special activity. Apple/pumpkin picking, bowling, mini-golf, local fairs, indoor water parks and more are some favorites.

Weekends are based out of Crescent camp, where Crescent Lodge offers fully winterized sleeping, dining and play spaces.

To learn more about Weekenders, click any of the sections below: 

Sample Weekend Schedule

This is a sample of a Weekenders Schedule.
The schedule varies according to attendance, weather, season, and other factors. 

FRIDAY          100 0145
4:00 - 7:00 PM Arrival at Camp / Free-Play & Snacks / Unpack & Get Settled
7:00 PM Expectations, Gathering, Dinner
7:45 PM Change into PJ's / Movie Night!
9:15 PM Ready for Bed/ Flashlight Time

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100 0163

9:00 AM Wakeup 
9:15 AM Gathering/Breakfast
Pack up picnic lunches for later
10:00 AM Field Time - GaGa, Soccer, etc.

10:45 AM

Activity Choice # 1
12:00 PM Field Trip meeting, get ready to go
12:30 PM Leave for field trip 
Picnic lunch, outdoor games
Field Trip - Apple & Pumpkin Picking
4:30 PM Return to camp
Snack & Rest time, Showers
6:00 PM Free Play
6:45 PM Wash up / Gathering / Dinner
7:30 PM Campfire-n-s’mores
8:00 PM Ready for Bed Routine, Bunk Chill, Electronics Time



9:00 AM Wakeup
9:15 AM Gathering/Breakfast
9:45 AM Homework & Reading time or LC-style activity
10:30 AM Activity Choice # 2 (field games, canoeing, arts-n-crafts, etc)
12:00 PM Gathering / lunch
12:40 PM Bunk clean up and packing
1:00 - 3:00 PM Outdoor time, Electronics time, Departure/Pickups  


Tuition, Dates & What's Included

100 0103The Weekenders cost includes meals, snacks, activities, field trips, project supplies and staff supervision. Your participant will also receive a special Weekenders gift the first Weekend in the series (i.e. a Weekenders hoodie, duffel bag, etc.).

Tuition is $1,925 and covers all 3 weekends in the series (either Fall: Sept, Oct & Nov, or Winter/Spring: Jan, Feb, Mar). A $150 discount is available if your participant is registered for more than one series per year (i.e. both a Fall and a Spring series). 

If you receive agency funds to help cover respite costs, Starfish is happy to work with you and your agency to determine the best method for billing and payments.

2023 Weekenders Dates are as follows:

For Ages 9-13:

  • Winter/Spring A: February 3-5, March 3-5, and April 14-16 
  • Fall A: September 22-24, October 13-15, and November 3-5

For Ages 14-22:

  • Winter/Spring B: February 10-12, March 10-13, and April 21-23
  • Fall B: September 29-Oct 1, Oct 20-22, and November 10-12

Respite 2023

Enrollment & Registration

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The Weekenders program is small and spaces do fill quickly. Enrollment is offered for Fall Weekends (one weekend each in Sept, Oct, & Nov) and/or Winter/Spring Weekends (one weekend each in Jan, Feb, & March, with a backup snow date in April). This allows for consistent staffing, development of good connections with staff and other campers, and the opportunity for parents/guardians to plan in advance the best use of their respite time.

Enrollment is limited based upon staffing ratios, available beds, successful completion of summer camp or intake interview, ability to participate within behavioral guidelines for Weekenders programs, and other factors. 

To complete a request for participation in Weekenders, click here to complete the camper application. (If you have already completed this year's camper application, you may simply log into your account and add the session option). A member of our year-round staff will respond to the request and discuss enrollment with you. 

Other Logistics

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A complete Weekenders Guide will be emailed to you prior to your participant's first weekend of attendance, including a packing list, weekend schedule, directions for packaging medications, and more.

Medication packaging will be mailed to you directly at least one week prior to the first weekend, and you will be able to pick up additional medication packaging supplies for the remaining weekends at the first Sunday pickup. If you have any questions, please call our office or email a director. 

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