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*Please note: Weekenders Week is available only for participants who are also enrolled in at least one Weekenders series (Fall or Winter/Spring). For a weeklong respite opportunity open to all, please click here for August Bonus Week.* 

Maintaining the same 1:3 ratio, daily schedule, expectations, fun and excitement of our year-round program, Weekenders Week is an opportunity to extend the respite fun to summer!

Whether your participant has just finished the Winter/Spring year-round program, or is enrolled for the upcoming Fall program (or both!), Weekenders Week is a great chance to spend more time at camp with friends and staff. As with the year-round program of the same name, Weekenders Week offers plenty of choices as to how participants would like to spend their time, with staff encouraging both active fun and relaxation. And, unlike in winter when camp is under frost, the waterfront will be open all week for swimming, boating and beach fun!

Field trips, campfires, and activities will fill our days, as will special events and only-in-summer opportunities such as a chance to get on the High Ropes Course, or go on a kayaking/canoeing adventure to Blueberry Island. Participants will have a chance to tie-dye, cook over the campfire, and even sleep in a tent under the stars if they want to.

There is an intentional focus on keeping the structure and expectations familiar and on-par with the year-round Weekends. To that end, Weekenders Week participants will have limited, structured time to use their electronics during their time at camp. As is always the case while at Starfish, having access to electronics or screens is considered a privilege, and may be earned when campers meet expectations and participate appropriately to the best of their ability.

Weekenders Week is limited to 12 participants. To be enrolled, campers must be able to meet the behavioral expectations specific to the Weekenders program and be signed up for at least one set of year-round Weekends. 

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