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Camp Starfish is pleased to announce that we will be opening for Summer 2021! While camp will look quite different, we are committed to serving our campers and families in Rindge this year. Our dedicated staff team, in partnership with medical professionals, has been working hard to adapt programs and create protocols that meet the guidelines and recommendations laid out by the CDC, the State of New Hampshire, and the American Camp Association. While we know that there is no guarantee that our protocols will eliminate the risk of COVID-19, we will continue to adjust and mitigate those risks wherever possible.

In this section are extensive written answers to many of the questions we know you will have. This information will be continuously updated in the months leading up to camp. If this isn't your first visit to this page, you can review the Update Log below to see what has changed since your last read-through. Please use the menu at left to access all the questions and answers. 

We appreciate your partnership with us as we all work to ensure a healthy and safe Starfish Summer 2021!

2021 Testing

What do you mean by asking for a “shared commitment” from parents/guardians?

We are committed to keeping your child and our staff safe at camp this summer and have spent this year planning accordingly. As you can imagine, holding camp under these conditions is no small feat. More than ever, we’re counting on your partnership to help protect our staff, camp families, and community. Please consider the behaviors of your family prior to your child’s arrival at camp and follow the guidelines provided by the state of New Hampshire as well as the state your family resides in, if different. Monitor the health of all family members and please provide transparency regarding the health of those in close contact with your camper.

Will campers and staff have to do anything before arrival at camp?

Properly preparing for camp will be one of the most important ways we limit the introduction of COVID into the camp community.

At this time, NH’s COVID guidelines for overnight camps require a pre-arrival quarantine of 10 days, a negative COVID test taken 5-7 days prior to arrival, a second negative COVID test taken on arrival at camp, and a third negative COVID test taken 5-7 days after arriving at camp. Based on work being done at the highest levels by camp, medical, and advocacy professionals, we are hopeful that the pre-camp quarantine requirements will be reduced in the spring.

In accordance with current NH guidelines, Starfish expects to require the following at this time of staff and campers entering the Starfish bubble: the individual and anyone in their residence will need to quarantine to the greatest extent possible for 10 days prior to camp arrival. In particular, and regardless of local requirements in their home communities, individuals should minimize contact with anyone outside the immediate family/household, wear masks, and utilize physical distance out in the community. This means limiting, to the greatest extent possible, activities outside the residence with the exception of essential activities (such as medical appointments).

Additionally, in the 7 days prior to camp arrival, individuals are asked to keep a record of any possible symptoms and conduct daily temperature checks for all members of the residence. 24 hours prior to arrival, we will ask the staff member or camper’s parent/guardian to sign an affidavit stating that the above pre-camp measures were followed. If a camper/family or staff member has been unable to comply with these requirements, they will not be permitted to come to camp. For staff, this may mean reconsideration of their seasonal contract. For campers, this will mean being placed on a waitlist for a later session, if possible.  

How will testing and health screening happen?

According to current NH guidance as well as at the recommendation of our medical professionals, we will require three diagnostic PCRs (polymerase chain reaction tests, also known as molecular tests) for all campers and staff. The first test will be done approximately 5 days before arrival at camp. We recommend that you consult with your primary care doctor to locate a PCR testing site. Test results from this pre-camp test must be scanned/uploaded to your MyCampMinder account prior to arrival on campus. Without proof of a negative PCR, NH guidelines will not permit us to allow you on camp.

A second PCR will be required upon arrival at camp to confirm the results of the pre-camp test and a third will be done around Day 5 of the session (or of staff training, as the case may be). Tests will be conducted on site by trained health staff, and processed at an off-site lab with whom we (and many other NH camps) have partnered.  

In addition to testing, our health team will be conducting daily health screenings and temperature recordings of all staff and campers throughout the duration of the session. Additional tests will be administered if a camper or staff exhibits COVID symptoms. At this time, it is our plan that the tested individual will be able to be isolated on-site pending results.

What if the pre-camp PCR test comes back positive? Do we still come to camp?

Should a pre-arrival test result come back positive, staff will need to notify us and delay their arrival by 10 days (at minimum), with follow-up testing required. Campers would need to withdraw from the upcoming session, but will have the opportunity to attend a session later in the summer, pending negative test results.

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