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Camp Starfish is pleased to announce that we will be opening for Summer 2021! While camp will look quite different, we are committed to serving our campers and families in Rindge this year. Our dedicated staff team, in partnership with medical professionals, has been working hard to adapt programs and create protocols that meet the guidelines and recommendations laid out by the CDC, the State of New Hampshire, and the American Camp Association. While we know that there is no guarantee that our protocols will eliminate the risk of COVID-19, we will continue to adjust and mitigate those risks wherever possible.

In this section are extensive written answers to many of the questions we know you will have. This information will be continuously updated in the months leading up to camp. If this isn't your first visit to this page, you can review the Update Log below to see what has changed since your last read-through. Please use the menu at left to access all the questions and answers. 

We appreciate your partnership with us as we all work to ensure a healthy and safe Starfish Summer 2021!

2021 Staff Related Topics

Will you host international staff this year?

Like most camps in the US this summer, we will be strictly limiting the number of international staff members that join our team in 2021. While we value the diversity and varying cultural perspectives that our international staff bring to camp, there is currently too much uncertainty about if or when the J1 Visa program (participation in which is required for international staff to work at US summer camps) will be reopened. Because we must rely on hiring 70 staff for our 35 campers this summer, it is not possible for us to hold spaces for international staff and risk being understaffed. We will miss our Internationals in 2021 and are committed to ensuring their return to camp in 2022!

Do I have to be vaccinated to work at camp? Can I get vaccinated because I work at camp?

At this point in time, we do not know who will be able to receive the Covid-19 vaccine prior to the start of camp. While our medical team highly recommends that everyone who can get vaccinated does get vaccinated, we recognize this is a personal choice and that vaccine distribution and eligibility may be different for each individual. Having individual staff members on the team who are vaccinated will not change expected adherence to protocols; that is, even if you are vaccinated, you will need to mask and physically distance, stay within your assigned cohort, etc. (though, if the State of NH changes the guidelines with respect to vaccinated and non-vaccinated staff, this may change. This is considered unlikely at this time.)

How may staff travel to camp?

We have structured, limited arrival windows for staff this year to maximize team safety. Please do not book any non-refundable travel options until your arrival date is confirmed with the Director of Staff Experience.

We strongly recommend that staff travel directly to camp in a personal vehicle whenever possible, whether you drive yourself and keep your car on site, or someone drives you and drops you off. We recognize that some staff must utilize public transportation to make their way to camp. If public transportation is required, we ask that staff adhere to all health and safety guidelines (masking, social distancing, frequent handwashing, etc.) while traveling. In accordance with medical guidance, we highly recommend that staff who use public transportation utilize air travel rather than other forms of transportation such as buses and trains.

For those staff who do travel to Boston via public transportation, we will, as in previous years, offer transportation from Boston Logan International Airport to camp in Rindge, NH. We will be using additional safety precautions for this type of transportation and will provide further details as soon as possible.

Will staff have opportunities for breaks and self-care during the summer if they are part of the on-campus “bubble?”

The Starfish summer staff are some of the hardest working people we know! Their focus is 100% on providing a great camp experience for the kids, and we know that in order to be their best for campers, staff also need taking care of! We are planning to have over 70 staff for approximately 35 campers, which allows downtime for each staff member in rotation at some point during the day and again after camper lights out (we always have at least 2 adults in the cabin at all times after lights out!). Staff will also rotate through days off, and we’ve set aside the Crescent side of camp for the use of staff on their time off. The 2-day Intersession Reset scheduled between Sessions 1 and 2 will provide extended cleaning time for our site, and also time off for the entire staff, allowing them to recharge before Session 2 campers arrive!

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