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Although each child's program at Starfish is individualized and each child works on independent goals, our programs have a set of overarching goals that guide our activity offerings, program development and daily camp life. At a glance, these goals are:


1. Build self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

2. Decrease self-imposed limits and try new things.

3. Utilize individual daily living skills and develop healthy living habits.

4. Cultivate a “winners’ attitude.”

5. Develop ability to make good choices, formulate independent decisions and take responsibility for actions.

6. Develop new and augment current coping techniques that allow for increased emotional, social and behavioral coherence.

7. Expand appreciation for the outdoors, including physical activity and natural surroundings.

8. Enhance social competence and expand the desire for social interaction.

9. Show respect for the diversity of others and a desire to protect others from bullying or harassment.

10. Facilitate cooperation by working as a team and interacting positively in a community setting.

Each of these goals has related objectives that clarify the growth that we hope to see campers developing as they work on aspects of these goals. As an example, for Goal 8, "enhance social competence and expand the desire for social interaction," related outcomes include:

    1. Campers will be able to name at least two other campers with whom they have spent quality time interacting, and
    2. Campers will be able to verbalize to a staff member or parent the interests of two campers that are both similar to, and different from, their own (idenfying four interests in total).

Click here to download a PDF listing all 10 Starfish Program Goals, their related objectives, and the rationale behind why they are included on our list.


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