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campmnd212 47The 5-day, 4-night "Lite" session offers the best elements of our traditional overnight program, condensed into a 5-day "try camp" experience. Many, though not all, of the Lite participants are first-time campers, and others are returners who started in Lite and for whom the 5-day program is still the best match.  

This program offers our highest level of structure and is 1:1 at all times. It is designed to introduce campers to the Starfish Tools (coping skills) and Keys (social skills) with intentional teaching moments.  Lite campers participate in traditional camp activities such as swimming, kayaking, arts and crafts, athletics, drama, and nature exploration. Campers sleep in rustic yet comfortable cabins in groups of 5-7 children, along with well trained and supportive staff - all campers on bottom bunks, with a staff on each top bunk above them. Emphasis is placed on trying new things, working as a team, and having fun! 

There are some minor differences between our Lite program and the 14- or 19-day Navigators program, in addition to the length of stay. Unlike in our 14- and 19-day programs, where campers choose their own activities every few days, Lite campers travel with their bunkmates and cabin staff through a carefully planned calendar of activities, allowing them to try each activity that camp has to offer at least once. Also, while Lite campers swim each day (and can swim more than once a day if they want to!), they do not attend swim lessons, due to the short session timeline. There's plenty of fun packed in, though, including special evening programs, campfires, and more! 

Lite is designed for campers ages 7-13 (as well as returning 14-year-olds). For campers who do not yet feel ready to be away from home for a traditional two-week session, Lite is a great option. It is not required that campers first do a Lite session when starting at Starfish. Many of our first time campers go straight into the Navigators 14- and 19-day programIf you're not sure which program is the right fit, we will be happy to talk with you about the similarities and differences, and help you make a determination! 

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