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A-Team  (Click Here to Join the A-Team - the Alumni Trainers!)

ateamthumbFor years, staff alumni who weren't able to return to camp for the whole summer have been visiting and helping out! Since you've left camp, we know you've continued to grow and learn in your field. You have expertise to share! Now, we've formalized the visits into a program called the A-Team (Alumni Trainers). We're looking for Staff Alumni to help us lead training sessions, support staff during their first days at camp, help make behavior role plays realistic, and most importantly, pass on the passion you have for Starfish! Who better to learn the Strategies, Tools and Keys from than someone who spent a summer (or several) living them with campers?!

And if training others isn't your jam, you're welcome to come visit camp during the summer to fill in for staff days off! Spend time with the kids, enjoy camp, and help make the summer great! You can fill out this "Join the A-Team" form to let us know you're interested without making a commitment. Whether you were with us for one year or ten, or anything in between, you can play a key role in making sure that 2016 is the most amazing summer ever (since yours, of course!). We hope to hear from you soon and see you at camp this summer!

Click here to see the whole A-Team Poster and all the reasons YOU should join the A-Team!


We're Considering a Staff Reunion/Volunteer Weekend

Have you thought about coming to camp, hanging out for a few days, reconnecting with fellow staff, and, you know, painting a building? Well, maybe not the last part so much but think about all the canoeing, campfires, trips to Kimballs, and town! There is fun to be had, and we need some help with pre-camp projects (including building a new Beachcombers site, creating our new indoor gym space (!), and so much more! We want to know if you'd like to join us for some volunteer work, mixed with social/leisure time on or off camp in the evenings! Fill out the A-Team Questionnaire to tell us about your interest & availability. If we can get a bunch of folks together, we'll do it! 


We'd love to hear how you're doing! 

We are working on a Staff Alumni database and we'd love to update you about your fellow Starfish staff alumni! Celebrating something special? Got a new job? Just want to say "hi?" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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