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Facilities Photos - Gallery II

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Standing at the top of Star Beach looking towards the dining hall. Bunk 1 in Star Village. Next door is Outside view of the Learning Center. On Star Beach. Sunset on Lake Monomonac. Sunset swim at the main Waterfront area. The Dining Hall in use on Visitors Day during the showing of the end-of-session slide show. Nighttime campfire at the Gathering area. Crescent Beach.Dining Hall in use during a Weekenders breakfast. Standing at the top of the main hill, next to the dining hall, looking towards Arts-n-Crafts. CampfireCampers and staff playing Campers and staff kayaking to Blueberry Island along the edge of the Starfish property line.Another beautiful day on the lake.Sunset kayaking near the diving dock. Standing in Fish Village near Bunk 8 looking towards the washhouse and blacktop area. The Safe Memorial Garden, located between the Dining Hall and Healthy House. The boys washhouse in Fish upon its grand re-opening in 2011. Layout of a typical Fish and Star bunk. Inside the Learning Center during summer use. The sitting area outside Bunk 9. On Blueberry Island - a short canoe or kayak away from camp's mainland. Main waterfront. Moosa Field (pictured here is the very start of the GaGa building project).A rental group building rafts on Star Beach. The Safe Garden.The Sign Tree by the main office points the way. A Footbridge through the marsh connects the Star and Fish sides of camp. Fishing at the edge of the waterfront beach. The Dining Hall standing near the bathroom and looking towards the Star-side door. The renovation of the boys washhouse in Fish included 8 brand new showers, each with a private changing area. on-the-dock.jpg

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