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We're proud to receive feedback from multiple sources (including outcomes research conducted over multiple summers) which shows that we're making a difference - and that campers are going home having made real strides! In general, campers who attend Starfish:200-video-viettamom

  • increase their ability to use coping techniques in stressful situations
  • gain appreciation for the importance of others' feelings
  • learn social skills that enable them to build more successful friendships
  • return home more prepared for the school year ahead
  • make marked improvement in their swimming skills
  • learn to "take space" before resorting to physical behaviors
  • increase their self-esteem and their self-confidence.
Feedback from our Families
The yellow sticky notes in the top banner of each page offer real feedback from real program attendees (in many cases, names are changed to protect the identity of children). In addition, here are more stories of growth from families whose children have attended the Starfish program.

"Kevin* loved everything about camp. I think camp made him feel more mature and able to make good decisions. I loved the way you worked with the campers and found ways for solutions for all individuals. The children felt special. I knew my child was very safe."

"Katie was upset and burst out telling me all about how she feels re: mean comments at school. She never did this before - HUGE!"

"[One of my sons] made the decision to remain at camp after his friend at home died, even when [his younger brother] was determined to return home. During our lunch together when I went down to pick up his brother, [my older son] asked questions and made observations and conclusions which I've not heard before. He showed his sadness and said he was sad - an honest emotion which he never shows. The respect and encouragement he receives [at Starfish] are the greatest benefit to him."

"Collin was home a couple of days and asked if he could do something. I said "no." Then he started asking, in another way, the same question. He does this so frequently, I didn't catch it and started answering again, frustrated. He stopped me and said that he wasn't being fair, that I had already answered him and he shouldn't have asked again."

"Jared announces and removes himself from the family often to calm down and then returns to resolve conflict calmly."

"Damien is now able to verbally express feelings instead of automatically lashing out."

 *many camper names are changed to protect confidentiality.


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