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Hey everyone!

Fred the Moose here again updating you on Jamboree today! Regular activities were suspended today and the campers got to spend time with their bunk and their bunk counselors all day instead! Each bunk traveled together the whole day, participating in activities they chose as a group, including Free Swim, Arts & Crafts, Gimp, Moose-ic (get it?), salon parties, dance parties, sandcastle making and GaGa!

I have heard nothing but positive words about the day from both campers and counselors! booknookI know Bunks 2 and 10 loved their respective morning and afternoon trips to Blueberry Island, an island off the far coast of camp where children can disembark from their boats and swim in between two islands! Bunks 1 & 3 loved their chill day of salon parties and music. All of the Fish bunks had a blast playing Deal or No Deal, participating in free swim, and just hanging out in the Book Nook or the Game Playce. To top off this marvelous day, Camp Starfish rolled the red carpet out of both doors of the dining hall for its once-a-session Movie Night! All campers showed up in their PJ best and enjoyed a Starfish premiere on the big screen.

I can't wait to tell you all about a surprise coming to camp tomorrow!

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