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Happy July, ladies and gentleman! My name is Princess Pat. I am beloved by allPrincess small of camp, especially the Star girls and Day-campers who love to sing my song!

We missed the day campers today since they were home for the weekend in between Sessions A & B. Their energy was definitely missed in program and at lunch in the dining hall! But a new friend came to camp today, Chauncey the Goat! Chauncey is living in a new paddock behind the Book Nook and has quickly become a camp sensation! Campers are enjoying petting and feeding her - and even helping give her a bath! Chauncey loves to eat - especially grass, hay and Goat Treats, but just to be careful, when I stop by I always leave my Rig-a-Bam-Boo just out of reach.

Today, the Beachcombers spent the morning in Xplore! learning outdoor living skills like building a tent and cooking over a fire. This afternoon they also went on a three-hour canoe trip around Lake Monomonac! They explored the inlets and channels that most campers rarely ever get to see. Good thing I went along, since I know all about those channels (incidentally, it’s where my friend Captain Jack sank his ship).

The evening’s weather took a bit of a turn around dinner, but we switched up evening program so that everyone got to participate in activities with their bunk and stay dry at the same time! I saw some of the Fish bunks in Arts & Crafts, on a Scavenger Hunt, and playing "Minute to Win It"! When I traipsed across camp to Star, I saw some awesome dance moves at the All-Star Dance Party! Then campers started brushing their teeth for bed, and I myself, became overcome with the good tiredness that comes from a busy and fun day at camp.


Your friend,

Princess P.

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