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Hey guys, I’m back! Princess Pat filled in for me the other day as I was just too busy having fun to take any notes!

The Beachcombers set out on their big adventure yesterday. The weather wasn’t pleased and neither were we to see them go! I heard from some of my friends a couple forests over that they’ve settled in nicely to their new campsite and are enjoying the campfire cooking immensely.

The Day Campers are back! I saw them enjoying their free swim this afternoon in the heat and humidity of the day. Tomorrow’s theme day for them is Safari! I can’t wait to see the awesome animal costumes they come up with.

Today was a great day for that lucky few on camp who have been working so hard on their goals that they were rewarded with a special Milestone group reward of a slip ‘n’ slide spectacular on the field during rest hour! There was foam, tubes, and even a beach ball that sprayed out water! I was pretty jealous of those 8 lucky campers … it was getting a little hot hiding in the trees.

Tonight was a very special activity during Evening Program … the Camper Talent Show! There were so many great acts ranging from acoustic guitar sessions to annual acts like The Great Zambinis (hailing from the land of No-Talent) and the Wet and Soggy crew…they really love their water! There were so many acts that Evening Program spilled over time a bit, but no one noticed because all the campers were engaged having a good time watching their peers up on stage. And, there wasn't a dry eye in the place when a long-time camper who will be graduating from camp after her session this summer, got up on stage and sang "You Are My Sunshine," with plenty of extra verses she'd written herself.

Tomorrow a very special visitor is coming with some cute and furry friends…but I shall say no more and it’ll be a surprise! (I hope Chauncey isn't jealous...)

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