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Hey everybody!

It’s Princess Pat again (Fred has decided to join the other moose today). Fred told you we had some furry friends come to visit us today...they were from Curious Creatures! They usually come once a session and bring a ton of animals for the campers to meet. A camp favorite is the chinchilla (you can see campers petting one in the picture to the right). Did you know? chinchillaChinchillas are the softest animal in the world and can’t get wet because they have so much fur that it would never dry! In order to clean themselves, they take dust baths...that's right, they bathe in dust! Some other animals who came to visit camp were Sonic the Hedgehog, a rabbit, some snakes (including a boa constrictor), a turtle, and an alligator. On behalf of everyone here at camp, we want to thank the AGM Summer Fund and Sean, the host from Curious Creatures, for giving all our campers and staff this awesome experience!

Around camp, there were a lot of good things happening today. Day Camp was having fun in the water and on the field. Day Campers are also having their Thursday-night camp-out this week. Neil, the Day Camp Administrator, told me that they 9 of the 12 day campers are participating - the most ever on a SFDC overnight! They will be having a marsh roast, sleeping in tents, and having loads of fun! Beachcombers are still out on their camping trip, hiking in the Mt. Sunapee region of New Hampshire - a place Fred tells me is mooserific! Hopefully they didn’t get too hot on this blistering day.

CSess1PGCaptains webamp had another very special evening program today - it was the PEACE GAMES OPENING CEREMONY!!!!! The captains were announced for the red and blue team - a great honor (congrats to Kristy, Rachel, Kelly and Tyler!), and each bunk found out what team they would be on. Each team learned their song and chant, everyone was cheering each other on, and so many of our campers earned Peace Games points today! It's a red and blue world here at Starfish since everyone is dressed up for Peace Games! I wonder if there's another reason we should be wearing red, white and blue...?


Your friend,

Princess P.

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