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Let me introduce myself – I’m the Poobah. The Peace Games Poobah, that is! If you spend time at camp you know that I come from Planet Poobahtron to visit during Peace Games at the end of each session to help the Captains catch campers following directions and earning points for their teams! I host the Peace Games opening and closing day ceremonies, hear the red and blue teams sing their songs in the sing-off, and announce the winner of the Peace Games.

I hope everyone is doing well at home today…here at camp we’re Poobahrific! Today is the final full day of session 1! What a session it has been! It flew by so fast, I can hardly believe it. Today is Peace Games closing ceremony and Tag-Up day - the day campers choose all the activities they will go to so they can finish earning those sought-after, colorful Tags to bring home and show their family and friends! It’s also Closing Campfire and Wishstones night.  

Let me tell you about this session’s Peace Games, though! Throughout my time here, I have never seen such hard working campers trying to earn points…they’re really using their Starfish Tools and Keys (such as giving compliments and apologizing)! Other ways campers have earned points is by listening to their counselors, going to bed at a reasonable hour, having perfect camper-counselor lines, picking up litter, and of course taking super-fast showers!! Tonight the red and blue teams faced off against each other in a camp-wide relay. Parts of the relay consisted of singing a camp song, organizing a bin of markers into color piles, doing a cinnamon roll on the beach, and as is traditional, the famed field water relay with the two oldest bunks to finish things out. In the end, the score was tied - 7,500,478 points each - so both the red and blue teams were declared winners in a Starfish Tie! And, we beat Camp Joy – with 7,500,473 - by 5 points!

After the relay, everyone went back to the gathering spot for the closing campfire. We sang some favorites – like “Lean on Me.” Everyone puts their arms around each other, sings and has a great time; it is a special moment for everyone during the closing campfire. Both counselors and campers reminisced on the good times this session, and campers each threw a stone with their initials on it into the wishing well, where it stays forever. It was a perfect and fitting end to a great session of camp!

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Until next Peace Games,

The Poobah

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