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Hello new families! Today is the first day of session 2-XL! So many exciting things are happening today. We have Camp Havvago here for the next 5 days, we have Camp Havvago Beachcombers for the first time, a new day camp session (Session C) has started AND we have our 19-day overnight campers, all coming today! So many new names for me to learn…I hope moose (mooses? meece?) have good memories!

Havvago campers arrived early this morning with our friends Cid and Sue from the Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts, and wow, were they all very excited to be here! They bring so much joy to our camp community and like with all our kiddos, the counselors are eager to have them back for another great year! During these next 5 days, these campers will be traveling with their bunks going to different activities like waterfront, boating, music, and athletics. They’re going to have a great time and I can’t wait to get to know them.

This is the third year of Camp Havvago, and this year for the first time there’s a group of Havvago Beachcombers! Cid and the Starfish Beachcombers staff, along with 4 pioneering Havvago teens, are sleeping out at the Grove near Crescent Beach in the platform tents. They get to cook their own meals, have campfires, do teambuilding activities and still get to join in camp activities…sounds like fun! Maybe I should try being a Beachcomber sometime soon.

Everyone seems to be really into camp right now despite how hot the weather is today. Let’s hope the weather will stay warm this session so all the campers and counselors can have a great time!! The 19-day campers are also super excited about being here. Today they all got to go swimming, take a tour of camp, unpack all their clothes, and get to know their bunkmates, the other campers and their counselors. These 19-day campers seem like a lot of fun this session. I can’t wait for the surprise they get at the end of the week on the transition day when our Havvago campers head home and our 14-day campers arrive…but that’s a surprise so I’ll say no more right now.

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 Off to visit with Bunk 6 as they head to the field for some Athletics,

- Fred

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