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Let me introduce myself. I'm Fred the Moose, proud to be the first ever reporter for the new Camp Starfish Blog! So far, it's been a great start to the 2013 summer camp season!

Drop-off day was blistering hot but everyone had a great time playing games on the field, meeting new counselors, and of course taking their swim check in the refreshing lake! Opening night campfire was amazing and everyone went to bed with songs stuck in their heads.

Yesterday was an awesome first full day of program. Campers dicovered their swim buddies and the color of their Challenge team, and then picked their first Elective over morning snack (goldfish!) Program staff really shook things up this year with their brand-new bundles of activities, including costume design and papermaking! It did rain last night during dinner, but the weather cooled off a bit and I observed from under my extra-large umbrella (to accomodate my antlers, of course) as Camp Starfish played The Song Game for the first time in years! All the campers sang their hearts out and it ended up being a fifteen-table tie. Those campers love their music!

Time to get ready for tomorrow's fun-filled, action-packed day, and the opening day of Day Camp! Your faithful camp correspondent,


Hi everybody!

Yesterday the weather here at camp was pretty hot, but luckily the rain cooled everything down towards the end of the day! Camp is running smoothly and all the campers are enjoying their programs. Sure, the weather isn't the best, but we don't stop for rain..."we'll be together, whatever the weather, sharing and caring a lot!" (For those of you who don't know, that is how we summon our Weatherbugs at Gathering each morning).lego small

Today was another fun day at camp for everyone. The campers were engaged in all their programs and it was the last day of activity bundle 1 for our Navigators. New bundles start tomorrow, which means new activities are being chosen this afternoon. The weather cleared up for Freeplay and one of our camp photographers snapped this photo of some of the Fish Village boys playing at the new outdoor lego tables.

Tonight, the Beachcombers get back from their off-site trip. When they checked in with the camp office last night, they were just about to sit down to a scrumptious campfire dinner of BBQ meatballs and veggie kabobs that they had cooked themselves. Then they were turning in early so they could get up to hike Mt. Sunapee this morning!

Camp is getting excited about Jamboree tomorrow...

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Your friend,


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