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What is a Duck Wrangler?

Duck adoption takes effort, and we have over 3,500 duckies patiently waiting to jump in and start training for the Derby! For each of them to get into the race, we need dedicated Duck Wranglers like you! Wranglers are individuals who help get ducks adopted into the race by collecting pledges of adoption from friends, classmates, teachers, coaches, co-workers, the cashier in aisle 5 at the grocery store, the crossing guard...well, you get the picture. 

It doesn't cost you ANYTHING to become a Duck Wrangler. You don't have to collect or keep track of money, either - just collect names, email addresses and adoption pledges, then turn over your list to Derby Central (the Camp Starfish office).

There are Prizes to be won!! 

As our way to thank you for helping us get duckies into the race, we are excited to offer you some fantastic prizes!! 

  • When you collect pledges for 30 adoptions, you get a Starfish Keychain
  • When you collect pledges for 60 adoptions, you get $5 to spend at the Starfish Store on anything you like! And...
  • When you collect pledges for 90 adoptions, you get an exclusive Camp Starfish gift! You can't buy can only earn one by helping wrangle those duckies and drive 'em get Wrangling! 

Okay, I'm ready to Wrangle! What do I do?

thumb wranglerform 

Click here to print a Prize Tracker.

You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the camp office if you would like one mailed to you with a set of tracking stickers. 

(If you're registered for camp, a Wrangler form & Prize Tracker was sent to your home already.)

 thum wrangler  You can also Click here to print a Wangler Form.
 Instructions on the form explain how to submit adoption pledges.


I Need to Submit Pledged Adoptions to Derby Central!

Click here to open the Pledge Entry Form in a new window. 

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