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Pick Your Plank Purchase! :)

Your name can be yours, your family, a combo or a business (ex: "Lisa Smith," "The Smith Family," or "Sam, Lisa & John Smith", "Pumpkin Patch Farm")


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What is the Footbridge?
The Footbridge connects the two sides of camp and without it, we're "sunk!" Literally. When we say, "what's your 20?" into the walkie-talkie, we never want to hear, "stuck in the swamp!" in reply. But while the footbridge, affectionately known as "The FB" (it was named pre-facebook!), was a great benefit to the camp early on, it's decades old and in such disrepair that it's truly unusable. In a true emergency, it can be used for quick access. But many of us remember fondly when the walk from the dining hall to the learning center (now our Activate! gym) was a mere stroll across a beautiful bridge, with 100% likelihood of coming across a cool frog, bug or turtle. 

In this picture at left, you can see Dan and Leo, who got married at camp in 2016, braving the FB for a photo op. The pic is horizontal...the footbridge, maybe not so much. 

But what is Footbridge February? Did you just make that up?
Well...yes. Yes we did. But it's so catchy! What is FB February, you ask? We want to get campers and staff back on The FB! So we're offering everyone the chance to literally help bring camp together. Working with an awareness of conservation protections and the greatest respect for the plants and wildlife in the swamp, we will need to remove planks a few at a time and replace them with new wood, while balancing on the existing pilings and also bringing the width of the FB up to code. It's going to be a big undertaking - but our intrepid GC Chris Mawhinney assures us he's up to the task! In the meantime, we're hoping to entice you to buy a molding piece of rotting wood, so we can raise money for fresh, clean, safe wood! Doesn't that sound irresistable? If you've ever wanted to own a piece of the footbridge or put your stamp on Starfish, now is the time! 

Actually, you don't have to buy a physical plank of the old wood...we're just kidding about that. (But you can, if you want to.) We're offering several options in the hopes that EVERYONE will get in on the FB fun!

 FBFeb TeaserFB  

You can leave your legacy on the FB in one of four awesome ways. Each costs money*, but the value is sentimental and priceless!

1. Share a Plank! $50
This puts your name on a plank with someone else
who also wants to share. 

2. Name a Plank! $100
This puts your name and/or your family's name
on a plank. 

3. Message on a Plank! $150
This puts your/your family's name on a plank, and
also allows you to add a personalized message. 

4. Send Me a Plank! $200
This includes your/your family's name & message
on a plank for the new FB, and we will literally mail
you a piece of the old FB**.


*Each giving amount already incorporates a $10 "I got my feet wet/ruined my shoes/fell in the swamp" refund.
  If you never had this happen, it's still included, because we want you to take a walk in our (wet) shoes! :)

**We will dry out boards after the construction and then arrange for shipping your piece to you. It might be a while. 


OK, I'm sold. Sign me up! 

You're the best. We knew we could count on you! Use the drop-down below, then click "buy now" and you'll be redirected to our PayPal. Don't worry that there's no place to write your message or spell the names you want on your plank when you check out. We'll be reaching out to everyone directly using the email attached to your PayPal account to get the exact details for your plank! 

Pick Your Plank Purchase! :)
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