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By the completion of staff training, you will have amassed enough experience and learning hours to become certified as a Level I Care Specialist. As you work through the summer you may also choose to gain your Level II Care Specialist certification, which comes with a bonus and opens up opportunity for potential leadership roles on the team.

Opportunities are also available before camp (arrival a few days prior to staff training is required) for additional certifications such as lifeguarding, boating safety, first aid and CPR. Depending on your role, we may also send you to a certification course for wilderness first aid, emergency response, or other camp skills.

We promise that you'll leave camp in August with new and enhanced skills that will easily transfer to future jobs & schoolwork. Your certifications go with you and many staff find great additional work opportunities lifeguarding or teaching swim lessons back home during the school year.



Whether you are looking to grow personally or develop marketable skills for the corporate or professional world, work at Camp Starfish will prepare you for almost anything! The internship program is available to each employee at Camp Starfish, either for personal experience or college credit. In previous years, staff members studying Social Work, Recreation, Sports Science, Wilderness Leadership, Psychology, Education, Business Management and many other subjects were able to spend the summer having fun at camp while still working towards their degree!

If you join our team as an intern, you will automatically be placed in our Intern Seminar that meets weekly at camp and focuses on professional development. Our leadership staff and directors are committed to helping make sure you get the most out of your internship opportunity.

If you are planning to use your time at camp to gain course credit, we strongly recommend that you speak with your advisor, etc. to determine the necessary steps to apply for credit at your particular institution. We will work with you and your school to make sure the right forms are filled out, but as every school is different we rely on you to guide the process. We also recommend you apply as early as possible to give both you and us enough time to get everything organized.

Note: Participation in the Intern Program is in addition to job responsibilities and is not required for employment.


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Individuals who participate in the Internship program at Camp Starfish are eligible to apply, mid-summer, to participate in the Camp Starfish Fellowship. The year-round team of directors will select up to five individuals to participate in the Fellowship Cohort, led by the Director of Staff Experience through the academic year and following summer season. If selected for the Fellowship, individuals will be placed in a cohort that regularly converses and grows together through an online platform that is available from anywhere you call home. During the course of the academic year between Summer 1 and Summer 2, Fellows will receive both guidance and funding for a self-directed Community Contribution Project (CCP) that enhances the collective work of Camp Starfish. While preparing and executing their project, each Fellow will also participate in a guided discussion series in the online classroom as well as volunteer 20 hours of service to camp. During Summer 2, Fellows will be responsible for helping to teach the Camp Starfish Intern Seminar as well as mentoring those individuals selected to be Fellows for the following year.

<style="text-align: justify;" data-mce-type="text/css">Camp Starfish Fellows will be given preference for seasonal leadership positions during summer 2 (at the discretion of the Camp Starfish Directors) and will receive a stipend for their continued dedication to Starfish. Additional course credit for fieldwork and independent study may be available depending on your school’s requirements.

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