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citposter2018 150In the long history of camp traditions, offering a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program to individuals who are a year or two away from being able to apply for summer enrollment is one in which Starfish is very excited to participate! 
The CIT program is unlike all other programs at Starfish, because rather than being geared to current campers, CITs is instead a piece of our long-term staff recruiting efforts. It is an opportunity to introduce Starfish to older teens who would not have attended the camp but may be interested in the kind of work we do with youth.
So, who applies to be a Starfish CIT? CITs at Camp Starfish are young men and women entering 11th & 12th grade at high schools/homeschools across the country who are ready to cultivate their leadership skills while giving back to their communities. The program is designed to create leaders, role models, and caring staff members who will be great additions to the Starfish team for many years to come! The program is ideal both for individuals who want to be well-prepared camp counselors in a future season and/or for those who are considering pursuing a degree in youth development, social work, psychology, teaching, or one of the many other disciplines our staff study. 
Are CITs employees? No. Because they are not yet 18 with at least one year of college or life experience outside of high school, they are not eligible for a staff position (yet). We like to think that CITs are potential future counselors, looking for an opportunity to learn and develop into our future leaders. CITs, though they do not yet have enough life experience to be full members of the staff team, have many skills and abilities which help make camp a phenomenal place for kids. CITs have opportunities to teach and learn activity management, to plan and implement programs, and to develop and use skills vital not only at camp, but in the world outside of camp, too. The program is considered a leadership-development model, and CITs earn a stipend based on their efforts. Successful participants will be given automatic consideration for available roles on the summer staff team the the year they become eligible for hire. 
What do CITs do while at camp? A lot! CITs includes both training and hands-on learning, and a lot of fun along the way! CITs learn and experience, amongst other things:
-How camp is run on a daily basis
-American Red Cross First Aid & CPR Certification
-Lifeguard training course (can lead to certification)
-Assist counselors with teaching campers daily life skills 
-Group facilitation
-Skills required to work with campers, including campers with special needs
-Effective teamwork & teambuilding skills
-Field trips & social events with other camps' CIT programs
-Shadowing staff in a chosen area of interest (such as cabin life, health care, facilities, program)
-Resume guidance (to best highlight the benefits of the program for future employers, school applications, etc.)
-Meeting peers from around the country, making friends, and having a fun summer! 
What are the 2018 Dates & Rates for CITs?
 campmnd212 31  There are two, 4-week CIT sessions in 2018:
     CITs 1: Sunday, June 24 - Friday, July 20
     CITs 2: Sunday, July 22 - Friday, August 17
Starfish is a nonprofit, and so charges only what it costs to run our programs. The cost for each 4-week session is $1,200. This cost includes all meals, trainings, certifications, field trips, and activities. Tuition waivers are available with documentation of financial need. CITs earn a stipend for their efforts, any portion of which families may choose to apply towards the fees if they wish. 
How do I apply?
Each session has a maximum of 12 CITs so we expect that the process will be fairly competitive. You need to complete an application, submit 3 letters of reference (may be sent as PDFs attached to emails or mailed) and your resume. Once references, resume and an application are received, applicants will be contacted for an interview. Should you choose to accept a spot in the program, a deposit of $250 will be due within 7 days after notification.
We hope you will choose to apply for this awesome and engaging experience that will build skills and introduce you to lifelong friends! We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions, please contact our Camp Director, Jamie at 978-637-2617 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
Apply here to join the CIT program:
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