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What is the opportunity?
Looking for that next step toward making Camp a career? Here it is! Starfish is seeking qualified applicants available May 1, 2018 through September 30, 2018 to fill management-level positions. These positions will begin as 5-month agreements and will include salary, paid training, room and board, and on the job development opportunities. It is Camp Starfish's hope that these roles could eventually lead to year-round employment for rising camp leaders. These roles are an excellent opportunity for someone who is seeking an entry to a more-than-summer role in the camp industry. There are 4 Coordinator roles open at this time:

  1. The Youth Development Programs Coordinator liaises with the directors and seasonal staff teams to ensure that our programs for older teens (TIDES and CITs with a secondary focus on main camp OCP & l.e.a.d.e.r.s.) have the attention to detail, curriculum, structure and setup to function smoothly and promote success for participants. While aspects of each program have been in place for varying lengths of time, this position will offer significant opportunity for development and implementation of new ideas. Successful candidates for this position will have experience with program or project management and recreational/educational experience supervising teens. YDP Coordinator Job Description PDF

  2. The Staff Services Coordinator liaises with the directors and seasonal staff teams to support the staff experience at camp, including development, engagement, appreciation, community building, scheduling and evaluation. Successful candidates for this position will be detail oriented with excellent time management and active listening skills, and will have experience in facilitation, relationship building, supervision, and/or implementing recognition systems & events. SSC Coordinator Job Description PDF

  3. The Groups Programs and Services Coordinator liaises with the directors and seasonal staff teams to maximize site usage and revenue across all seasons and programs, including outreach, booking, hosting and evaluation of rental groups, volunteer management, and year-round programs. Successful candidates for this position will be team-oriented and entrepreneurial, and will have experience with sales/marketing, hospitality/event management, and/or group facilitation. GPS Coordinator Job Description PDF

  4. The Operations & Logistics Coordinator liaises with the directors and seasonal staff teams to ensure smooth flow of operations and logistics on site, across varied areas of service delivery. Successful candidates for this physically demanding position will be detail- and results-oriented with excellent timemanagement and organizational skills. OLC Coordinator Job Description PDF

What qualifications are required?
Qualifications include, not limited to: 3+ years overnight camp or similar experience; desire/ability to work outdoors in a mission-focused organization, dedicated to fostering the success and growth of children with social, emotional, learning and behavioral problems by providing individualized attention as part of structured, nurturing and fun group program; good character, integrity, adaptability, flexibility, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience...all the good stuff!

How do I apply?
Interested applicants, please send a Resume and Letter of Interest to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Please include subject-line: “Star search”  

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